Wesley Gibson

Wesley Gibson (James McAvoy) is a young office worker going through a quarter-life crisis. He hates his job; he hates his obnoxious boss; his girlfriend is cheating on him with his best friend; he has insufficient funds in his checking account; and he has daddy issues. His father left right after he was born, and Wesley wonders if maybe his father saw failure when he looked at him.

Life for Wesley Gibson, it seems, is beyond mundane. He doesn’t even try to hope for anything better. As of lately, he has been feeling very stressed out. To deal with the stress, he takes anxiety medication – probably more than he should.

One night, it all changes. While at the pharmacy, Wesley meets a mysterious woman who tells him that his father was killed the day before. His father, she explains, was an elite assassin who was murdered. Wesley explains to her that he never knew his father. Their conversation is interrupted when another mysterious character, Cross, opens gunfire on the two.

During the next few minutes, one of the coolest car chase scenes in the history of cinema. While going through a wild chase in streets of Chicago at night, it’s obvious that Fox and Cross have enhanced senses and abilities.

As it turns out, Wesley Gibson has enhanced abilities too. Only they are just now awakening, during a time of his life when he probably shouldn’t be introduced to extremely stressful situations. As if life isn’t stressful for him already.

He is introduced to Morgan Freeman’s character, Sloan, who is in charge of a Fraternity of assassins, all of whom have almost superhero like qualities. They have the ability to make bullets “curve” around objects in order to hit their targets. They can change the bullet trajectory after pulling the trigger. Wesley is offered the chance to put his awakening abilities to use as an assassin.

At first, he’s reluctant to join. But when he visits an ATM machine the next morning, he finds $3 million waiting for him. He finally agrees to go through some rigorous training, and fails miserably at it. In one scene, Fox really beats the crap out of him. Despite being such a thin actress, Jolie really makes the scene convincing!

After his training is complete, he is shown the Loom of Fate. The loom, it seems, has been around for many centuries. It contains weaving errors that, when inspected carefully, are actually binary codes containing the names of individuals who must be assassinated. Needless to say, Wesley is skeptical about this claim. He doesn’t think it’s right to kill people just because their names appear in the weaving errors.

Fox tells him a story about a little girl who, years before, was held at knifepoint by a man. When her daddy came home, the man brutally murdered him in front of the little girl. He then carved his own initials into the back of her neck. The murderer’s name appeared in the loom a few weeks prior to the incident, yet the assassin failed to kill him. Wesley then notices initials carved in the back of Fox’s neck, and it becomes obvious that the girl in the flashback was her.

And so begins his journey as an elite assassin. He is told that the assassin from the first night at the pharmacy, Cross, was the man responsible for killing his father, and that the reason why his father never contacted him was for his own protection.

However, as the film progresses, it’s obvious that not everything is at it seems. Who is lying? Who is telling the truth? What secrets is Sloan keeping from Wesley? Is Cross really his father’s murderer? Well, I don’t to spoil the ending, although the climax is really awesome. The special effects are really neat.

Overall, the acting in this movie is good. James McAvoy convincingly plays a disgruntled office worker turned assassin turned confused hero. Although her role in this movie is similar to her roles in other movies, Angelina still does a good job of portraying an amoral, detached assassin. And, of course, Morgan Freeman plays a wise character with an ulterior motive.

  1. Johnny B says:

    Great movie! I loved the last line. What the f**k have you done lately? Pure inspiration. lol

  2. Krishan Scud says:

    I really love this movie! The best movie about assassins ever! Jolie is so hot!

  3. I have seen the reality in my eyes when I see the character of James acting in the movie and I wonder if once my parents saw me with that same eyes that I see ….

  4. Sloan says:

    Sloan: Trying to figure out who you are?
    Wesley: Just the mother f*cking decoy.
    Sloan: Oh God

  5. Nobodysays says:

    Nice site; just watched the movie (really late, I know, but I loved it.) Anyway, I just wanted to point out that the actor’s name is James McAvoy, not James McAvory. Cheers.

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